Trent Daily - - (330) 559-6809

Burgan Real Estate is known for nurturing REALTORS® into well-known experts in the real estate space in the Mahoning Valley. However, with the recent addition of Trent Daily, one of Northeast Ohio's most recognized and revered real estate agents, auctioneers and private selling officers, it is Burgan Real Estate who is going to learn a thing or two.

Over the last 12 years working in real estate, Trent has become a triple-threat real estate agent, honing his skills not only in traditional real estate sales, but also becoming one of the most recognized auctioneers in the area as well as a private selling officer where he has handles court appointed foreclosures in 15 counties in Northeast and Central Ohio.

His fast talking and quick thinking skills as an auctioneer are needed in his personal life as well, seeing as he has two sons, Danny and Derry, and a dog, Peanut, who are always getting something in at the last second before he’s ready to close out the conversation.

As if his triple threat career in real estate was not enough, he is also a recent graduate of Law School at the University of Akron because, you know, why not add “Esquire” to your name as well? In his free time, which we’re pretty sure consists of a few minutes before he closes his eyes at night, he likes to channel his inner Stevie Ray Vaughn by playing guitar and singing.